Marketing your church for growth and kingdom impact

You have an opportunity to use technology to reach more people than ever before. But if people don’t see you online, they’ll never find you at all.

But “marketing” can feel more like sales than ministry. We’re not here to sell people on your church or the gospel. We are committed to faithful marketing ministry to help Spirit-led churches connect with people, one person at a time.


The reason for churches to care

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The Hurting

The Google Ad Grant reaches those who are hurting

Reach a large number of people on topics that are meaningful to their most vulnerable needs and questions. With the free Google Ad Grant, you can intercept peoples' searches and connect them with the local church and the hope of Jesus.

The Hungry

Paid Per Click Ads

Connect with people who are actively hungry for Jesus and looking for a church home. With PPC ads, you can make sure that those who are hungry for the church can see you. Get quick hits on the keywords that matter most to the church for a cheap price.

The Searchers

Local Church SEO

People are looking for you, but are they finding you? 9.4 Million people every month are Googling the church. Local SEO is what gets you in the suggested top 3 map options and in the top search results. SEO is like building a fire with logs, it's a long term investment that keeps you top-of-search for the long run.

The Socials

Social Media and Meta Ads

Social media is where people go to connect and to be connected. People can discover you and even get an invite to church on social media. As opposed to ads on Google, people can find you on social media even when they are not directly searching for you.

The Curious

Retargeting and Geofencing

People will visit your site 3 times before they visit online - make sure they feel welcome! Retargeting and geo-fencing can extend the invitation to people who are already curious about your church, have visited your website, or even walked near your building!

4 Ways to Market Your Church

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Use the free, $10,000/month Google Ad Grant to reach people on hard topics

Are you using the free $10,000/month Google Ad Grant to get more people to your church? This grant from Google gives you free ads, and we create pathways to connect people from Google to your ministries, events, and weekend services.

Increase Your Google Ranking

70% of clicks on Google go to the top 3 search results. You want to be at the top of the search results for “churches near me”. If you’re noticing that you’re ranking below the top 3 search engine results(or not even on the front page), there are adjustments we can make to your website to increase your ranking. 

Get a free Google Ranking report and find out where your church could be in 6 months.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Unlike with search engines like Google, Safari, or Bing, Facebook and Meta allow your church to reach people who aren’t even looking for you. With social media campaigns, you can target specific groups of people with unique events, services, and offers, like an invitation to church or to your local events.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

Are you launching a new campus, running a major campaign, or launching a new ministry? Do you think “where do I even start?” when thinking about your church marketing plan? We’ve worked with some of the largest churches in the US to create custom campaigns for social media, email marketing, traditional media, and more.

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Resources for Every Church

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Hear From Our Partners

I’ve heard it said that 91% of people check out your church online first before ever stepping foot in your doors. Mike has helped us grow our website traffic as well as my personal traffic. 

Josh - Pastor - Grace Chapel

“We’ve had a HUGE increase in folks viewing our worship service after the fact since using you for the Google Ad Grant.”

Church in Wichita, KS

“I just got connected with someone from your landing pages who desired prayer. It was such a good connection! Thanks for all you do.”

Vicki - Eastpoint Church

“I don’t know what you guys did, but we had standing room only at Christmas Eve.”

Pastor - City Life Charleston

“I had a new member class recently ask about digital outreach and digital strategy, and I was able to lean on what you guys do with the articles as part of our digital outreach and meeting people’s needs.”

Pastor at Church in WI

“Reach the Lost” has been the perfect extension of our team. They understand our mission and our values because they share them. They bring a wealth of knowledge that added value immediately to our marketing and communication goals. We are excited to be working with them and cannot recommend them enough.

Joe Reed - Exponent Group

“We’re seeing more and more new families visit on the weekends. What you guys are doing with Google Ads is working.”

Church in Englewood, CO

Who We Are

We’re a small team with backgrounds in church communications, nonprofit fundraising, and for-profit marketing that started Reach The Lost to bring excellent digital advertising to churches.

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Ryan Clark


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