Local church growth

powered by the Google Ad Grant.

A digital outreach strategy to leverage the free $10,000/month to get more people in your church.

Your community is searching for hope.
Google will give you $10,000 to reach them every month.

Churches are shrinking while depression, drug abuse, divorce, suicide are all on the rise. 

People have questions, the church should be the answer. 

Reach The Lost uses the FREE $10,000/month Google Ad Grant to create Pathways that connect local people from Google searches to your church and the hope of Jesus. 

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About the grant

Is the Google Ad Grant legit?

Yes! Google will give any registered nonprofit $10,000/month in free ad credits. You don’t need to spend real dollars, and you can use it to target popular searches in your area and beyond.

Why on earth would Google do this? It’s a tax write off, PR strategy, and bidding strategy for them.

The Google Ad Grant is a genuinely free opportunity available to any registered 501(c)3. Our churches spend over $9,000 of the Grant every month on average, connecting with thousands of new, local people.


how we use the grant

We build online pathways to get people from Google to your church.

We use your $10,000/month to create online journeys that bring people from the Google search page to your church. Our pathways are intended to identify people’s major search topics in your area, answer their questions, and invite them to your services, ministries, and events.

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how we grow churches

A year from now, how will your church have grown?

Your $10,000/month grant can let you find an entirely new audience in your local area. 

Churches Near Me

Hundreds of people are searching “church near me” in your area. The Google Ad Grant allows your church to appear as a sponsored result in the top 3 positions, bringing new visitors to your church.

Reaching Major Questions

People have questions, and the Church has answers. Our Pathways give you customizeable landing pages that target popular searches, answer their questions, and invite them to your church or ministries.


People are looking for the ministries of your church. The Google Ad Grant can allow your church to appear 1st on the results page for searches like “MOPs Group” “DivorceCare” or “marriage support”. 

Large Events

Families are always looking for events in their area. You can use the Google Ad Grant to drive more people to your Easter Egg event, Fall Festival, Christmas Eve Services, and more.

I just got connected with someone from your Pathways that wanted prayer. It was such a good connection! Thank you for all you do.

Eastpoint Church

We’re seeing more and more people visit on the weekends. What you’re doing with the Google Ad Grant is working.

Church in Pueblo, CO

We’ve had a HUGE increase in folks viewing our worship service after the fact since using Reach The Lost for the Google Ad Grant.

Chapel Hill

Who We Are

We’re a small team with backgrounds in church communications, nonprofit fundraising, and for-profit marketing that started Reach The Lost to bring excellent digital advertising to churches.

Ryan Clark


Rochelle Smith

Marketing Manager

Maddie Hsin

Content Marketing Manager


Looking to maximize your online presence?

The Google Ad Grant isn’t a substitute for good SEO. By investing in both, you harness the power of both strategies to bring the most people to your church. We offer bundled packages to make this affordable. Book a call to learn more.

Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grant management offers you quick visibility and huge outreach potential. Create Pathways into your ministries and events. Build a new audience with $10,000/month in FREE ad spend.

Local Church SEO

We step in for 6 months to do thorough Search Engine Optimization. This long-term investment keeps you at the top of the search rankings (without the Grant) for the long haul and frees the Grant up to do what the Grant does best – reaching a whole new audience with your message.

Think this might be for you?

we’ll jump on a call and talk about how the google Ad grant could serve your church.

See if your church is eligible.

Google Grant Quiz

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Is your church a registered non-profit, 501(c)(3)?

The power of Pathways.

Your community has tons of questions they search Google for every day. What if the church was seen as an authority throughout the week, not just on Sundays?

Our system gets your church in front of you city when they have questions about:

  • How to raise kids
  • Why the Bible is trustworthy
  • Healthy marriage habits
  • Who Jesus really was
  • How to find a counselor
  • Mental health tips
  • And more!

Hear From Our Partners

I’ve heard it said that 91% of people check out your church online first before ever stepping foot in your doors. Mike has helped us grow our website traffic as well as my personal traffic. 

Josh - Pastor - Grace Chapel

“We’ve had a HUGE increase in folks viewing our worship service after the fact since using you for the Google Ad Grant.”

Church in Wichita, KS

“I just got connected with someone from your landing pages who desired prayer. It was such a good connection! Thanks for all you do.”

Vicki - Eastpoint Church

“I don’t know what you guys did, but we had standing room only at Christmas Eve.”

Pastor - City Life Charleston

“I had a new member class recently ask about digital outreach and digital strategy, and I was able to lean on what you guys do with the articles as part of our digital outreach and meeting people’s needs.”

Pastor at Church in WI

“Reach the Lost” has been the perfect extension of our team. They understand our mission and our values because they share them. They bring a wealth of knowledge that added value immediately to our marketing and communication goals. We are excited to be working with them and cannot recommend them enough.


“We’re seeing more and more new families visit on the weekends. What you guys are doing with Google Ads is working.”

Church in Englewood, CO

There’s a lot to do.
We can help.

We’re a team with a heart to partner with churches and a system to see churches grow.

We help churches and nonprofits with Google Grant management, SEO work, church website design, and campaign development, all at affordable rates.

Ryan Clark Profile Headshot

Ryan Clark

I’m a digital marketer with a background in the sports industry, but a heart for the Church. I got into Reach The Lost to see churches thrive in the digital space.

Rochelle Smith Headshot

Rochelle Smith
Marketing Manager

I’m a content marketing geek with a background in nonprofit fundraising. After 5 years working at Compassion International and in church communications, I came to Reach The Lost to expand the digital outreach of more churches.

mike ruman headshot

Maddie Hsin
Content Marketing Manager

I’m a certified Storybrand consultant with a background in a variety of marketing agencies. I’m excited about bringing top-tier strategy to nonprofit and church spaces.