5 Free Church Advertising Ideas

Rochelle Smith

If your job of getting the word out about your church seems harder than ever, it’s because it is. The world of church advertising has changed a lot in the last 50 years, so if the methods you’ve always relied on seem lacking, it’s probably because they are.

If you’re looking for some church advertising ideas beyond untrackable physical mail and expensive Facebook ads, you’ve come to the right place.

Church attendance is on the decline, but more people need Jesus than ever before. You need some church marketing ideas to grow that include killer advertising ideas. Here are 5 free church advertising ideas.


Try Social Media Advertising

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching a wider audience and spreading the word about your church. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a good way to share content with people who already follow up, but they aren’t great for reaching new audiences.

Tik Tok and Instagram Reels are actually one of the few social media platforms where you can share content beyond the people who follow you. And your sermon clips are excellent content ready to be uploaded.


Optimize your Google My Business

If you search your church name right now, you might see a little bar on the right side of the page entirely dedicated to your church. That Google My Business (GMB) posting shows your reviews, contact info, even photos and service times.

The most extensive GMB profiles consistently win.


Get Started with GMB: 

  • Download our Church GMB Profile Kit below for a full checklist of how to create a winning church Google My Business profile.
  • Post 2-3x per week. Google doesn’t care what you post as much as if you post at all. These posts can be the same things you post on your church social media.
  • Ask your congregation for reviews. Well reviewed organizations show up at the top of search results. Request your engaged members to write you positive Google reviews to improve search engine presence.

Use the Google Ad Grant

Google is waiting to give your church $10,000/month in free ad spend. If you’ve tried to use it, you may have seen limited success.

Google Ad Grants can be your secret weapon for effective church advertising, if you use it with a strategy and the right tools.

Don’t give up on this priceless tool without trying these 3 tips.

Bottom line: the Google Ad Grant works best with 3 strategies.


  • Set up your core ad groups. Create ads for local searches, branded terms your churh name), sermons, and online church if you are live streaming.
  • Create pathways around target audiences. You won’t spend the entire grant on strategy #1. But you can create pages designed to find your target audience and connect them with your church.
    • Example: To promote a Divorce Recovery ministry, create SEO-optimized landing pages for searches like “what to do after a divorce”. Within the landing page, promote your ministry and provide clear calls-to-action. Create ads for these keywords within your Google Ad Grant.
  • Create ads for upcoming events. You can get free traffic for large community events, especially Easter Egg Hunts, Trunk or Treats, and Christmas events.

If you want a ministry-minded team to come alongside you, we can do all of this for you. Get access to dozens of customizable landing pages and let us do all the work for you.

Make Your Website a Winner

Did you know that most first time visitors to your church will have visited you online at least once? Your church website is your new foyer. Make sure your church has an up-to-date, user-friendly website that provides information about your church, events, and services.

Even better is of you have a Plan a Visit page somewhere visible and accessible from your home page. This experience makes it easy for visitors to know exactly where to find you and what to expect.

Looking for custom build? Our church website designs start at just $1,500. Set up a call to see how much a new church site would cost you.

Participate in Local Events

Participating in local community events, such as fairs and festivals, is an excellent way to connect with people in your area and promote your church.

You can set up a booth, hand out flyers, and engage with people in your community. This can help you build relationships with potential new members and increase visibility for your church.

Or get creative and host a community event, like a Trunk or Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, or Christmas Market. Any events and activities catered towards families is a sure fire way to bring new people into your church.

Today, church growth starts with Google.

People in your area are googling all kinds of questions that you have answers to - things like "how to pick a church" "how to fix my marriage" or "how to manage anxiety".

We can help you reach more people each week (and we can help you use the free, $10,000/month Google Ad Grant to do it). Interested in learning more? Book a free strategy call with me.

Ryan Clark
CEO, Reach The Lost