One Change to Boost Church Giving 15%

Economic uncertainty, COVID, and decreasing church attendance have put churches in difficult financial positions.

One of our partner churches saw a nearly 15% giving increase within a few months of implementing this one change.

It’s very simple.

Accompany every offering time with a “here’s what your giving makes possible” story.

Seems too simple to work, but we’ve seen it in action. They made a rule to never ask for money without sharing a story of what giving goes to.

Whether you’re a megachurch or a small church, there are stories you can find if you look hard enough. Here are some ideas from our partner church.

“When we started incorporating a ‘what your giving makes possible’ story in every service, giving went up noticeably. I think people feel more of a sense of trust in the organization, and they feel excitement about the tangible things their generosity contributes towards.”

Ideas for Offering Stories

  1. Youth outreach event
  2. Good news from international missions partners
  3. Photos from a recent mission trip
  4. Have a local outreach partner up to share about what your partnership has enabled
  5. Worship night
  6. A woman who just started attending a women’s bible study
  7. MOPs group
  8. Growing AWANA classes
  9. Food bank 
  10. Baptisms
  11. People getting involved in Life Groups

Some principles for sharing compelling stories

I worked in nonprofit fundraising for years at major nonprofits, including Compassion International. Here are some things we’ve learned about telling stories that grab people.

#1: Facts tell, stories sell.

Large numbers and figures can give your audience context and even a sense a gravity, but the story is what will grab people. 

When highlighting successful events or programs, find one individual person who was impacted and share a story about their experience.

#2: Keep it under 30 seconds

Our attention spans are short, and often the most valuable parts of a story get lost. Keep the story to 30 seconds or less.

If someone is sharing their own story, record their story on video so you can guide them towards a short and high-impact story and edit as needed.

#3 Always be collecting stories

Don’t get caught scrambling for another story for this week. Set up rhythms of story-gathering within your church. Set up regular times with volunteers and ministry leaders to ask how they’ve seen God move lately. Record and collect these stories so you have plenty of impactful content.


Encouraging your congregation to give is more important than just covering operating expenses. Money has a profound effect on our souls – if we hold onto it, it can kill our spiritual lives, but when we live generously, it can fuel our mission as believers.

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Ryan Clark
CEO, Reach The Lost

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