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People are hurting more than ever, yet churches are shrinking. We must do something.

Anxiety is up. Depression is up. Suicides are up.

We (churches) have hope for the hurting, hope for the lost. That hope is in Jesus Christ. It’s why he came. 

People are turning to Google for help. ‘Just Google it’. At Reach The Lost we target those Google searches to bring the hope of Jesus Christ, the hope of the local church, to them.

As you are reading this, someone else is Googling for help, and often the answers they find are not in their best interest.

If we truly believe the local church is the hope of the world why aren’t people coming to the church for help, for hope?

Connect people With Your Services

Use the Google Grant to connect with people looking for a local church.

Connect people with Your Ministries

Your ministries bring hope to people in your community. Our funnels use free Google spend to connect more people with your marriage, children’s, GriefShare, recovery ministry, and more.

Connect people With Your Events

Our local event advertising brings people who aren’t connected with your church to an event that speaks to their needs.

How it works


Maximize Leverage


Leveraging the Google Ad Grant can be a challenge. Our system allows you to spend more of the grant.


Save Your Time


You feel called to care for your community, not spend your day digging around in the Google machine. Save your team time by letting us manage your Google Ad Grant, and you can focus on doing what you do best.

Increased Engagement


Standing room only at Christmas. Men’s events with full registrations. Baptisms from new believers.

These are the results our partner churches have experienced with Reach The Lost. Use the Google Ad Grant to get the results that matter – more people engaging with the Gospel.



The Google Ad Grant has requirements that can lead to suspension without careful attention. Skip the headache and let our team of experts take care of conversion tracking, changing rules, ad quality scores, keyword requirements, domain regulations, and more. We’ll help make sure your ads are in compliance every month.


Value of content you receive

Thousands of new visitors to church website monthly


Average monthly client return on investment

I’ve heard it said that 91% of people check out your church online first before ever stepping foot in your doors. Mike has helped us grow our website traffic as well as my personal traffic. 

Josh Weidmann – Pastor – Grace Chapel

Get Free Advertising For Your…

  • Easter & Christmas Services
  • Weekend Services
  • New Campus Launch
  • New Service Time
  • Food Bank / Community Center 
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Financial Training
  • Student Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry Event
  • Men’s Conference
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Parenting Event


What is the Google Grant?

The Google Ad Grant is a free $10,000 in free ad spend given to registered nonprofits. 

How much more work would this add for me?

Working with Reach The Lost keeps work off your plate. We handle all content development, technical implementation and maintenance. You meet with us once every 4-6 weeks to give us updated event advertising needs and approve published content, we handle the rest.

How can I measure results?

We give you access to a robust analytics platform to give you full transparency into ad group performance. We’ll walk you through it regularly, and we monitor perforamance weekly to make necessary adjustments so you get the best results possible.

What sort of commitment do I need to make?

Churches are on a month-to-month commitment, so there is no contract required. However, Google works like a primed pump, so we ask for an initial 6 months to ensure you can see full results.

Will this work in my church's city?

People in your city need hope, no matter where you live. We work in a diverse collection of cities, and pay attention to publish content that meets the unique needs of your community.