Data Driven Sermons 2023

Churches can use data to discover the hidden needs of their communities that don’t come up in lobby conversations.

The FREE data-driven sermons report gives you:

  • The major searches of 2022
  • 8 sermon series based on Google searches
  • Real numbers on searches for marriage struggles, parenting obstacles, and more
  • Suggestions on tailoring sermons to meet these needs

Go into 2023 prepared.

answer your churches biggest questions this year.

We’re in the business of search interception for churches.

In other words: we want the Church to be at the top of the search results for people’s big questions. People need the hope of Jesus, not a Wall Street Journal article.

We spend hours each week in expensive tools researching what communities are searching for. You’ll expect some of the answers – like the 12.3 million people looking for help with their depression. 

Some you might be surprised by – like the 55,000 people every month that go to Google for “what to do after an affair.”

Our church partners asked if this data can be used to help them decide on sermon series that address the very real, but often hidden, needs of their communities.

This report exists for you to be more in tune with your community.

And if you want a done-for-you solution to reach those searching people (and even use the $10,000/month Google Ad Grant to do it), let’s chat.


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"I had a new member class recently ask about digital outreach and digital strategy, and I was able to lean on what you guys do with the articles as part of our digital outreach and meeting people's needs."

Dave Bondeson