50 Top Keywords for Church SEO

There are over 7,500,000 monthly searches for churches in the US! Getting your church to show up for “churches near me” is the most important piece of digital marketing you can do.  Helping these searches find your church is one of the first steps to reach more people.


But effective church SEO (search engine optimization) gets more complicated by the day. 


Help more people find your church through good local seo. We’ve made it easy for you.


50 Top Keywords for Church Local Searches

Here are the 50 top keywords from Google. Identify those that are relevant and high priorities for your church and create a strategy to include those keywords. We’ll walk you through the steps below.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches
churches near me 550,000
catholic church near me 450,000
catholic church 368,000
sagrada familia 74,000
presbyterian 110,000
umc 49,500
orthodox 49,500
immaculate conception 60,500
first baptist church 60,500
united methodist church 60,500
baptist church 49,500
episcopal church 60,500
life church 60,500
methodist 49,500
st patrick’s cathedral 60,500
methodist 49,500
evangelical 49,500
our lady of guadalupe 49,500
church of christ 49,500
calvary chapel 49,500
calvary 40,500
st mary’s church 40,500
new life church 49,500
episcopal 49,500
holy trinity 33,100
bethel church 40,500
presbyterian church 40,500
sermon 33,100
cornerstone church 40,500
st peter’s basilica 33,100
crossroads church 40,500
basilica 27,100
brethren 33,100
lutheran church 40,500
sacred heart church 33,100
baptist church near me 49,500
grace church 40,500
transformation church 40,500
john the baptist 27,100
st michael prayer 40,500
trinity church 33,100
st joseph church 33,100
st nicholas 27,100
grace community church 33,100
calvary church 33,100
non-denominational 33,100
christ the king 22,200
national catholic register 27,100
harvest bible chapel 27,100
calvary baptist church 27,100


How to Rank for These Searches

There are people searching for local churches, but if you want to be found, there are some SEO basics you’ll need to incorporate into your church’s website.


  1. Optimize your Google My Business profile properly
  2. Make sure your website is clean, fast, and mobile-friendly, especially the front page of your website
  3. Write SEO titles, meta descriptions, and title tags with your chosen keywords
  4. Claim local direct listings
  5. Creating blog posts that are keyphrase-optimized
  6. Track with Google Analytics

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Today, church growth starts with Google.

People in your area are googling all kinds of questions that you have answers to - things like "how to pick a church" "how to fix my marriage" or "how to manage anxiety".

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